We shall be soon launching Franchise Outlets of a leading Quick Service Restaurant brand



Marketing and franchise development

Our next step would be to start the marketing and franchise development of the brands which has great product offerings at affordable prices.

own brand – demedion

DemeDion is a combination of two Greek mythological names viz. Demeter being the Goddess of harvest and agriculture (food) and Dionysus the God of wine (drinks). At Demedion we believe, just like the God and Goddess of yore,  to offer the best of food and beverages at affordable prices to all our customers.


brand motto

Our company would be technology driven and would start with a franchise of a quick service restaurant (QSR) followed by managing to franchise brands of other startup QSRs and eventually starting our own brand of QSR / casual dining and diversifying into other division of the food industry like supplying / production / marketing of food products / condiments / spices etc. We will deliver the food to our customers through in-store dining, take-away or delivery..


Next Steps…

Coming Soon !!